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In the captivating first installment of Z.W. Guard's dark fantasy thriller, Devil's Crown, suspense grips the nations of Adamah in the aftermath of the devastating War of Light and Dark. As mystery and evil loom, the devil cunningly exploits the fault lines of division, pitting the people against one another.


When the leader of Penumbran falls victim to a tragic murder witnessed by his wife and daughter, a portal to great evil is opened. The devil preys on the darkest thoughts of individuals, igniting waves of suspense, hatred, depression, and narcissism.


To combat this rising darkness, messengers bearing a sacred cross embark on a perilous journey across the diverse lands of Adamah, issuing a dire warning of the devil's impending day. Kings, princes, soldiers, scholars, and farmers alike are called upon to unite their strengths and defeat the malevolent force. However, the Priestess of Penumbra ominously proclaims that not all will have the fortitude to resist. Who will succumb to the devil's temptations?


Each nation in Adamah boasts its own distinct geography, culture, and beliefs. The frost-laden realm of Snowfall is ruled by an ambitious King, while the treacherous caves of Penumbra harbor a daughter yearning to avenge her father. Socho, an advanced city ahead of its time, champions innovation and ingenuity, in stark contrast to the competitive tribes of Champaign's grasslands, battling for resources.


Across the mighty River Sentience, Ophir's jungles teem with exotic creatures and untold treasures. The leader of Cape Guard strikes fear into hearts from the formidable Mt. Bental, while the tyrannical King of Morass, consumed by a god complex, has laid waste to the deserts of Betharaba. Will these disparate factions set aside their differences to confront a common adversary? Or will they unwittingly succumb to the devil's machinations, tearing themselves apart from within?


Delve into a world where nations collide, faith is tested, and heroes rise to face their ultimate destinies. Devil's Crown: A World Divided is an epic book series full of suspense, mystery, and the unyielding power of unity. Perfect for adults of all ages. Prepare to be enthralled as Z.W. Guard weaves a tapestry of fantastical realms and characters whose choices will shape the fate of Adamah itself.

Devil's Crown: A World Divided

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